Cashmere & Wool Jackets

Hello ladies!

Does your wardrobe need a little bit of update?
Do you feel like you need to get your hands on some quality assured cashmere and pure
silk scarves!

Well, if that is the case then you have come to the right place!

Our range of cashmere and wool jackets are designed and made in Syria. We at Aleppo Style periodically update our product range thus ensuring that our customers always have access to a wide range of cashmere and wool jackets.

We procure these jackets only from third-party sellers who use premium quality, lightweight wool and cashmere. This allows us to sell jackets that not only look attractive and luxurious but also feels very soft to touch!

To ensure that each jacket we sell has the signature texture of cashmere, we ask our third-party manufacturers to hand-dye each piece.

Our range of cashmere and wool jackets are will keep you warm, won’t feel heavy and won’t irritate your skin!

We do not compromise on quality hence you can buy jackets from us with your eyes closed! We conduct a thorough physical and visual inspection of pieces in our collection, each time we get a new consignment for our warehouse.

This allows us to ensure that the jackets we sell at our shop are free from any manufacturing flaws.