Hello ladies!

Does your wardrobe need a little bit of update?
Do you feel like you need to get your hands on some quality assured cashmere and pure
silk scarves!

Well, if that is the case then you have come to the right place!

Head over to Queen Victoria Market and pay us, Aleppo Style, a visit today! We have one of the largest collections of pure silk and cashmere scarves that are designed and made in Syria!

We made sure that the scarves we sell at our store complement the tastes of our clients of all ages! This is why the design trends and overall colour schemes of our scarf collection are contemporary! Furthermore, we have scarves that can be worn both on casual outings as well as in professional settings!

We at Aleppo Style offer our customers with a diverse and exquisite range of silk and cashmere scarves thus allowing them to remain fashionable even during the warm Aussie months!

We are very excited to announce that our latest range of silk and cashmere scarves are sourced from manufacturers who use sustainable and ethically produced raw materials.

We understand the importance of sustainability hence we are doing our part in our unique ways!

Furthermore, when it comes to sticking by our commitment to our clients of offering them with quality assured and high-value products, we fair in that sector pretty well too!

After receiving a consignment of new scarves, we conduct a thorough visual inspection of each scarf before we store them in our warehouse.

This ensures that the scarves we sell in our retail store are high in quality and offer high-value for every AD they spend!